Before founding Typical Media, with his business partner Jordan Venoit in 2016, Jason gained industry experience working in advertising and corporate marketing. Graduating from the Applied Communication Program at Camosun College in 2011, Jason learned an array of media knowledge and skills, but left with a passion for video.  

Jason cut his teeth as a videographer at an advertising agency in Victoria, BC. As a part of the creative team for a number of years, he garnered a number of awards for his video and radio campaigns. Wanting to step into into a more rounded marketing position, Jason moved to Vancouver in 2015 and entered the world of corporate marketing. As a Marketing Specialist, Jason brought a unique flare and diverse marketing knowledge to the company, helping them become leaders in their market.

Now with years of experience under his belt, Jason looks forward to the new challenge of starting a company that can help smaller businesses achieve the market status they deserve. Known for his cinematic eye, witty writing style, and strong design focus, Jason is excited to utilize his skills to help the Typical client become anything but typical.