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trust us, we're professionals.


trust us, we're professionals.

we solve problems.

You could say we’re like a typical marketing company, but we think we’re anything but. For our clients, our primary focus is to solve your business problems with creative solutions. We provide creative results for our clients at a price that everyone can get behind.

 Video Production
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video production.

Our bread and butter. We know how important this is to modern marketing. In an ever increasing age of disposable media and shortening retention; memorable videos are huge in building brand awareness for your company. They offer an intimate look into a business that other forms of media just cannot replicate. When a video is effective it evokes emotion from the viewer, captivates them, and leaves them wanting more.

From start to finish we work with you to create a video that is original and will stand out. Starting with developing the concept, story-boarding and scripts, filming wherever and whenever needed, to editing and post production, you will end up with a masterpiece perfect for promoting your brand.


graphic design. 

Image is one of the most important keys to a company’s brand; that’s where we come in. We design cohesive brand materials that keeps your company looking fresh.

Typically we design; logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, social media and magazine ads, signage, menus, event collateral, websites...really what we’re trying to say is if you need something designed, we’ve got your back.   



A company’s brand is it’s most valuable asset. It’s the most important touch-point with it’s clients. A strong brand is the difference between a good company and a great one. Building a brand has many components, it doesn’t happen overnight you know, it requires creative innovation, and planning.

Marketing plans, creative strategies, and social media campaigns are the backbone of how we market and brand our clients. There’s a place in the market for you, but first you have to find it, understand it, then learn how to target it. In advertising, creative without a plan, is just art.


the typical referral program.

the typical referral program.

Have you worked with us before? Have a friend who might also require our services?

Then you could save big on your next project with us!

For our clients, if you refer someone to Typical Media as a new client,
you are eligible to receive 20% off your next project with us.

For more information about referrals and/or to refer someone click below.